Happy Place part I

a few shots from the development of a current illustration called "happy place". I want to show a World Eater (warhammer 40k chaos space marine) standing in a cruel place. Becaue these Marines are only quite happy when they are in combat and cause destruction and they have a never ending desire to spill some blood, i would imagine a "happy place" for them would be really unfriendly and covered in blood. Normally these warriors are angry and frightening and wanted to show a bit of a twist. He stands calm and with a littel grin on his face because he feels good - in such a bloody place. I started working on his design first, because i already hat a loose idea of the background (millions of litres of blood). A lot of photos from the warhammer miniatures helped to figure out the exact design specs for a world eater (you have to stick to universe if you want to make a proper fanart).For the Skull i used really helpful tool called "skull sketcher" http://anatomy360.info/skull-sketcher-v2/. I already changed the background a lot of times but now i will stick to a more horizontal layout. In the last step you can see that i started coloring it but this is more for testing purposes to see if i had the values right. 

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